The cabbie just gave me advice…

Holy shit.

Did you know that everyone in the world – even if they are childless – knows exactly what you should be doing when you’re pregnant?


Like, fuck your doctor, your cabbie will give you all the advice for your impending bundle of joy that you could or would ever need.

One the way home from work one afternoon I began feeling so nauseous that I had to ask the cabbie to please pull over the side of the road.

“Are you drunk?” he asked.

“No, I’m pregnant” I told him.

“Oh, that’s alright then” he replied and pulled over.

Sorry, what?

After I stood on the side of a busy road dry heaving for a good five minutes, I ambled back into the car only to then be hit with a wave of bizarre advice from the cabbie – who I had never met before.

“Why are you working? You shouldn’t be working” he said.

“But, I’m only a few weeks” I replied in between deep breathes trying to hold down the sick feeling.

“Doesn’t matter. When a woman gets pregnant she should spend all her time on her back. Stay in bed. Do nothing. Just eat lots and lots to make sure the baby is big and strong”. Wow. So wise.

Apart from just wanting to get home, I was too queazy to actually reply, so I nodded. That guy still probably thinks he has totally just saved an unborn child’s life.


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