The lost posts…


I’ve been keeping myself busy of late by writing for Yahoo7 about suffering depression through pregnancy.

‘I’m pregnant and depressed but still have hope’

The sad secret no one tells you about becoming pregnant

I thought after writing the articles I would still have plenty of material for this blog. I was right, I do still have plenty of material.

What I didn’t anticipate was just how draining writing those articles would be. In an effort to make them as honest as possible I really had to dig deep and wade my way through all those horrible, heartbreaking thoughts that I was trying to escape. That took it out of me.

By the end of the process my mind felt like an emptied well. I found myself staring at the white screen of death and trying to think of a topic, failing, and then getting frustrated and angry at myself. And so the circle continued.

The tide had started the change, the black clouds have begun to dissipate.

Hopefully now I have more to add.

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