Irony, thy name is ‘Mother of Troll’…

Not long ago I wrote this piece detailing a lovely little letter I received from a troll.

Well, now there’s been an update.

Not long after the blog post went live I logged on to my account and saw that little bell flashing to let me know someone had taken the time to comment on my piece.


Very quickly my excitement turned to exhaustion when I realised just who the comment was from. The first line gave it away with the author quickly establishing herself as the mother of aforementioned troll.

Look, I could go into how I knew she was the troll’s mother, but then I would give away their identity and God knows people like that don’t need a further incentive to open their mouths.


Anyway,  after quickly establishing who the message was from I speedily scrolled to the bottom and deleted it. Yup, I deleted it without even reading it. What a rebel.

Whatever it was that the troll’s mother had spent so long crafting and revising was now lost forever in the ether. Seriously, I really CBF spending time reading through regurgitated  rhetoric that more than likely made zero sense.

How funny that people feel they can spew vitriol and insults onto you/anyone and not expect any repercussions?


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