Tried and Tested: Nurofen FeverSmart Temperature Monitor AKA The best temperature device thingy for kids who HATE having their temperature taken

Georgia absolutely hates having her temperature taken. I mean really, really hates it.

It’s actually only a recent thing, to be honest. When she was little and couldn’t wriggle her way out of our arms it was easy to just shove a thermometer under her armpit.

Then she grew, and she got feisty.

Hmm, what the feck is this?

When she was about eight months old G was suffering from a terrible fever. She was hot, she wasn’t eating and she just wasn’t herself.

We decided to call the home doctor service to get her checked out. She whinged a little and, of course, wasn’t keen on anyone else holder her but me. Then the doctor tried to pop a thermometer under her arm and all hell broke loose.

G become so distressed she began screaming and eventually vomited. It was horrific. I started crying.

Temperature monitor, you say?

Now, touch wood, G hasn’t been sick so we haven’t needed to use one for a while but she does get hot. I mean very, very hot. The kid is on FIRE.

G is like her dad in that respect – they both got an extremely high body temperature. We’ll have to put the air conditioner on and I’ll by lying there freezing like crazy while they lie comfortably in bed.

Over the Christmas break our air conditioner stopped working. We didn’t have a fan. Opening the doors only helped a little. It was really effing hot.

The face of betrayal: ‘Why mum? Why?’

Being the paranoid new mother I was I was worried G might over heat. I basically spent the entire night checking the nape of her neck to make sure she didn’t overheat. It was stressful and exhausting. There wasn’t much sleep.

Not long after I was lucky enough to be gifted with a Nurofen FeverSmart Temperature Monitor. I was ecstatic. I never get anything – let alone something I genuinely need.

We ended up using it later that week when the temperature hit, say maybe 87 degrees, and we all began to melt.

As the mother of a child who hates hates HATES her temperature being taken I cannot emphasise how useful, wonderful, and BLOODY LIFE SAVING this thing is.

Without being too technical the monitor works through an app, so you’ve got to start by downloading that. Then you connect the monitor to your Bluetooth.

Hold up though, let’s just rewind. Let me explain what exactly the monitor is.

Waaaait, so this DOESN’T go under my armpit or into my mouth?!

It’s a funky, little orange lightening shaped sticker that magically takes your baby’s temperature while at the same time reporting it back to you via that app I mentioned before.

For me, putting the monitor on G was easy and painless. I was able to delicately stick it on under her arm as she fell asleep. It didn’t irritate her and she certainly didn’t feel me stick it on her.

That night we actually slept.


I didn’t need to keep getting up to check her body heat as the monitor did it for me. There was a peace of mind and calmness that comes with knowing you’ve taken all the steps to ensure your baby is safe and healthy.

If you have a baby like G (and I can’t imagine there are too many kidlets who actually enjoy having their temperature taken) then run, DON’T WALK, R.U.N to grab yourself one of these.